S² Consulting

S-Squared is an organization development consulting firm founded by Sandy Stonesifer, a skilled facilitator, trainer, and change consultant.

What we do

Organization development (OD) combines what we know about human behavior with what we know about complex systems, bringing the two together to improve employee engagement and organizational effectiveness. S-Squared helps organizations and businesses build and maintain the bridge between effective strategy and tangible results. From a start-up team of five to an international organization of five thousand, organizations are only as good as their people. Sandy specializes in helping organizations build cultures that are results-centered, high-engagement, and just plain fun to be a part of.

Guided by the belief that each organization has untapped potential, S-Squared delivers results by:

  • Building increased alignment between an organization's vision, mission, structure and goals

  • Coaching new and current leaders to capitalize on their strengths and build their individual capacity

  • Identifying positive potential within the organization and working with leadership to remove barriers to growth

  • Facilitating teams as they build stronger connections and more trusting relationships that lead to better outcomes

  • Supporting organizations as they implement the changes necessary to help them set and achieve their goals


Trained by some of the best meeting and retreat designers and facilitators, Sandy works with clients to design and facilitate retreats for a variety of needs. She can help you design meetings and retreats to:

  • Build stronger, more effective teams;
  • Embrace difference and diversity;
  • Plan for the future and prioritize activities;
  • Revive a culture of creativity and innovation;
  • Overcome current barriers to growth and change.

We believe your team is pretty smart already - so we start there. Gathering data through interviews with key team members guides Sandy in custom-designing an approach that responds to what's working, what's needed, and where you and your team want to go moving forward.

Following these interviews we will work closely with you to build an engaging, constructive retreat designed to deliver immediate and sustainable results.


Strong results come from clear planning and thoughtful reflection. Sandy will work with you to:

  • Reflect on lessons learned from past performance and identify where you might have untapped potential
  • Gather the data and information necessary to give you the full picture
  • Identify and assess strategic opportunities moving forward
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate a strategic plan with actionable and measurable goals

But often a strong plan is not enough. Many organizations still struggle with an “execution gap” – how does the plan become reality? 

Sandy works with clients to bridge this gap and put processes in place that enable your leadership and team members to balance long-range objectives with current results.

Organizational Change

We all know change isn't just helpful, it's necessary. But that doesn't mean it isn't hard.

S-Squared works with clients who are changing to meet the needs of their external environment, changing due to a leadership transition, or just updating their systems and processes to keep up in this ever changing world.

Sandy brings a behavioral science perspective to ensure that our clients approach change in a way that encourages ownership from staff and stakeholders and has the strategy and vision in place to overcome resistance.


It's no surprise that most change initiatives succeed or fail based on leadership. 

Sandy helps leaders meet their business objectives by:

  • Coaching leaders as they create and sustain changes that leverage and engage their organization's human capital
  • Working together to foster more functional leadership and group dynamics that enable higher levels of productivity and effectiveness organization-wide

Do you need to make a change in your organization? Contact sandy@ssquared.org or call (202) 549-4302.